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ceiling fansEverything You Need to Know About Ceiling Fans

Regulating the environment within your home is of the highest importance to successfully create a comfortable living space. Ceiling fans enable homeowners regulate the temperatures within the home by mechanically circulating air. With the rising energy costs today, it is important to have the most efficient home appliances. Ceiling fans help in lowering energy costs by limiting the use of high energy consumption air conditioning units. When considering the installation of these fans it is important to also look at some influencing factors; below we look at some of the important facts you should have in mind when installing them.

How do Ceiling Fans Work?

Ceiling fans are designed to circulate air within a home. During hot days, the fan works to pull cool air upwards and thus create a breeze. This breeze usually produces a cooling effect when it comes into contact with any surface within the house. This means that the air conditioner has less work to do as cooler temperatures are enhanced.

During cold weather, with the flip of a switch, ceiling fans can be set on reverse to push down the rising warm air and keep the temperatures warmer in the lower parts of the room. This saves on heating costs as warm air is kept where it is needed without the need to warm the cold incoming air from a heater.

What to Consider When Buying Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have useful applications during both warm and cold seasons; to get the best out of these fans it is important to have some key considerations in mind.

The location of the ceiling fan can be an influencing factor when it comes to choosing the right one. Indoor fans differ from outdoor and bathroom fans in that the latter require a waterproofing mechanism to prevent the whole fan mechanism from rust.

Ceiling fans come in various sizes for the best fit and efficiency. It is important to have the measurements of the room where the fan is to be fitted so as to get the right fit. You don't want to overwhelm a small space with an oversized fan that is designed to move a large amount of air, just as you don't want to install a small fan in a large space.

Most ceiling fans are easy to install and come with detailed directions for this. However, the fact that you have to connect the fan to your homes electrical system as well as work on top of a ladder may be intimidating.

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