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lightingThe Convenience of Drop Down Attic Stairs

Attics are a great place for storage, but not when you have to lug a ladder into the house every time you need to get up there. What makes an attic a convenient place for storage is drop down attic stairs.

The Stairs are Built-In

Some homeowners only make use of a ladder to get to their attic. This can be dangerous especially if you are carrying heavy boxes up or down. Drop down attic stairs are already fully built into the ceiling, giving you stability. Drop down stairs allow you to carry your things, boxes and other family memorabilia up and down with confidence.

Add Storage Space to Your Home

Most attics are short in height, which makes it difficult to turn into another bedroom. Attics like that are ideal for storage of seasonal items like clothing, holiday decorations, luggage and things you seldom use. Turning this unused space into storage is a lot easier when you have the easy access that drop down attic stairs provide.


Drop down attic stairs are installed in the hatchway of your ceiling. The hatchway most homes have will need to be enlarged to create a more comfortable entrance to the space. Installing drop down attic stairs does not mean you will have increased drafts due to this bigger hatchway. When we install the stairs we seal the system so that it effectively blocks the transfer of air, dust, insulation and moisture into the house.

Pre-Made and Custom Attic Stairs

Pre-made drop down attic stairs that come with an installation instruction manual exist. However, this is very intimidating to the average homeowner. Let our experienced contractors handle the installation of your pre-made drop down stairs or, if necessary, build them to fit into your custom space.


Drop down attic stairs really need professional installation for the best, worry-free result. We will handle everything from measurement to finishing touches. Our professionals will know exactly what you need to make your attic stairs functional and, most importantly, safe.

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