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thermostatsInstalling the Best Thermostat for Your Home

Knowing the best thermostat to be used in your home can be difficult, and the installation and maintenance of it can be confusing. When you talk to us, we give you a choice of thermostats in line with your preference. We can install various thermostat types ensuring that you get the value out of these devices, from programmable and non programmable thermostats.

Selecting a Thermostat

In selecting the best thermostat to make your home comfortable, we will assist you on how to choose the most suitable thermostat. The appropriate thermostat should fit your family needs and lifestyle. To give an overview, these are the two general types of thermostats.

Programmable Thermostats

These types of thermostats are the most energy efficient. The programming of this thermostat automatically adjusts to set temperature for wake, leave, return and sleep. These types of thermostats can be a great energy saver. There are four types of programmable thermostats. The 7 day thermostat which has a separate programs for each day of the week, the 5-1-1 day thermostat which has a separate programming for weekdays and weekends, the 5-2 day thermostat with separate weekday and weekend programming; and the 1 week programmable thermostat which gives you one basic program for the entire week.

Digital Non Programmable Thermostats

This thermostat offers a manual control of the thermostat's temperature setting and includes digital read out. There is also what we call mechanical or manual non programmable thermostat. These are basic thermostats that control the temperature setting manually.

We don't just install your favorite thermostat and then go. We ensure your home's safety by implementing strict guidelines in the maintenance and installation of your thermostats. San Jose Handyman implements general safety rules for the safe installation of the thermostat.

General Safety Rules for Thermostat Installation

We ensure safety and security in our installation of new and removal of old thermostats. We adhere to strict precautions to ensure your family's safety. We don't use circuits that exceed specified voltage because higher voltage will damage control and cause shock or fire hazards.

Our thermostat installation conforms to Class II (current limited) circuits per the NEC code to ensure any fire incidence will be prevented. We also institute strict measures in discarding cells with or without mercury.

Peter Lyon gives you the best options, efficiently performs thermostat installation with expert knowledge and most of all ensures the safety and comfort of your own home.

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